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Manual for ChessTask v2.0

Dirk Bächle (



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You do not have to read the sections that are marked with "+" or "++" if you only want to generate HTML pages with ChessTask. A single "plus" refers to the description of advanced options for both TeX/LaTeX and HTML. The topics marked with two "plus" signs go into some details about the export to LaTeX and TeX/LaTeX itself. If you have been working with ChessTask before and are updating from a version 1.x, please regard the Changes in v2.0!

1. For the impatient

2. Language selection

3. Menus

4. Toolbar

5. Selection and setting of chess pieces

6. Editing title, task and solution

7. Export to HTML

8. Export to LaTeX (++)

9. Installing the LaTeX style and the fonts (++)

10. Advanced text options (+)

11. Informator symbols (+)

12. The DBChess fonts (+)

13. For the experienced LaTeX user (++)

14. Import of FEN/EPD files

15. Directory tree export to HTML/LaTeX

16. Keyboard shortcuts (+)

17. Changes in v2.0

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