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14. Import of FEN/EPD files

In the menu "Import" you can import a file---either in FEN or EPD format---that contains various chess positions. After selecting "Import FEN" or "Import EPD" a file dialog appears and you can select a filename and directory. ChessTask then adds the single entries to the current list of tasks.

FEN (Forsyth Edwards Notation) and EPD (Extended Position Description) are standard formats for the exchange of positions between chess programs and many programs are able to export them.

For FEN files only the position (Field #1) and the active color (Field #2) are regarded. If White is to move the "Task" is set to `1. ?', and to `1. ..., ?' if it is Blacks move.

The function for importing an EPD file additionally reads the operations at the end of the line and recognizes the following EPD "commands":

If a "bm" operation was found, it is preferred over an additional "pm" or "pv" and accepted as "Solution" for the task. In the same way a "pv" overrules a "pm" if no "bm" command is present.

For an "am" operation the string `(Avoid: the-given-move)' is added to the "Solution".

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