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12. The DBChess fonts (+)

Starting with version 2.0, ChessTask supports figurine and Informator symbols in the HTML output, too. This is achieved by a special TrueType font and the usage of a HTML feature called "Cascaded Style Sheets" (CSS). The font is called `DBChess' and is available in normal and bold face.

The DBChess fonts are based on the `FigurineSymbol' font by Armando Hernandez Marroquin (available at All credits for this nice font should go to him, since I did not change anything but the mapping of codes to characters. The symbols are rearranged such that:

  1. all symbols have a code < 128 and
  2. often used symbols like `x' or `#' are displayed correctly, even if the user did not install the DBChess fonts.

The file `rsc/dbchess/doc/chartab.pdf' contains a table with the used mapping.

For installing the DBChess font files from `rsc/dbchess/fonts' (TrueType and Type1) in Unix/Linux you normally need root access. Under Windows 2000 and Windows NT this is not required. Setting up the fonts may involve several actions, specific to your operating system, font server and their versions. Please, refer to the corresponding manuals for the correct steps. Additionally, the "Font HOWTO" and "Font De-Uglification HOWTO" proved to be very informative to me. In my Linux installation (SuSE 8.0, KDE) the proper menu entry can be found at "Preferences/System/Font-Installer".

Unix/Linux offer a workaround for users that do not have the superuser password. Via the commands

xset fp+ <font-dir>
xset fp rehash

the directory containing the DBChess fonts can be temporarily made known to the XFree86 server. The "<font-dir>" has to be replaced by the full path to the fonts, e.g. "/home/dirk/ChessTask/rsc/dbchess/fonts". If you add the first command to the file `.xinitrc' in your home directory, it is executed at every restart of X automatically.

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