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15. Directory tree export to HTML/LaTeX

This can be a very helpful feature, especially if you already created some `*.tsk' ChessTask files in several directories. Now you can export all those files at once!

If you select "LaTeX directory", "ChessCards directory" or "HTML directory" from the "Export" menu, the first thing you have to do is to select the "source" directory, containing your ChessTask files. Please, regard that the extension `*.tsk' is mandatory here!

After this, you get a small dialog that informs you about your next task, which is to select the "destination" directory where all exported files (LaTeX or HTML) are put to.

Then ChessTask starts to search the "source" directory and its subdirectories for `*.tsk' files and exports them. If a subdirectory does not exist within the "destination" directory, it is created, which means that the complete directory structure is duplicated. Since this all can take some time, a progress dialog is showing you how much of the "export work" is already done.

All the options described in Export to HTML and Export to LaTeX are regarded as for the export of a single file, with one exception:

The value for the "Levels to graphics directory" is set to "1" during the HTML export!

ChessTask assumes that the selected "source" and "destination" directories represent the "root" of your directory structure for the task files. So if you exported your files to `C:/data/chesstask/html' you have to make sure that `C:/data/chesstask/graphics' also exists and contains the needed PNG files.

Once again, I would like to recommend that you use the already existing "tasks" directory to store your tasks and the "latex" and "html" directories for the export. The "graphics" directory has the correct location then.

In addition to writing the LaTeX files, ChessTask also creates a `Makefile' in each directory. If you start `make', all `*.tex' files in the subdirectories are compiled and `*.ps' PostScript files are generated automatically. Users that prefer PDF may issue the command `make pdf'.

If "Export"/"HTML directory" was selected, ChessTask supplies an `index.html' file---listing all subdirectories and task collections---in each directory. All these "index" files are linked and can be traversed via the "Yahoo-style" link list at the top of the generated HTML files.

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