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6. Editing title, task and solution

If you want to edit one of the text fields Title of the task, Task or Solution you have to "activate" it first by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The cursor keys, "Backspace", "Delete" and "Return" work as expected. If a field already contains some text you can also use the mouse to position the cursor.

While entering your text, remember the following rules, please:

  1. Several connected "spaces" or "blanks" are treated as one blank only. This means that you can not insert additional space between words.
  2. (Only for the multiline text fields Task and Solution) You can start a new paragraph in your text by inserting an empty line. As for the blanks, several connected newlines are treated as one. Thus, you can not insert additional space between paragraphs.
  3. The following characters should not be used in your text because they have a special meaning, either in LaTeX or in HTML: "#$&~_^%{}\<>|" (This restriction will be loosened somewhat in Advanced text options and Informator symbols)
  4. Another special character is the double quote ("). You should use single quotes instead, like in the following example:

    This is an ``example''.

It is allowed to leave empty some or all text inputs of a chess problem. Sometimes, you just want to describe something, using a chess diagram. So you put up a problem, but leave the Solution empty. You might perhaps want to leave out the Title of the task and the Solution in order to create a series of diagrams with only text between them. If you additionally provide no Task you get only the diagram.

If you did not specify a Title of the task the equivalent link in the HTML output gets named "No title", such that you have something to select in the index...

Another interesting---and useful---feature is the checkbox Output Diagram in the middle of the ChessTask window. This option is "checked" by default for every task. If you want to write a short introduction to your tasks---like I did in the file example.tsk (see the examples)---you can "uncheck" this box and no diagram is output.

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