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8. Export to LaTeX (++)

8.1 LaTeX files

Exporting your ChessTask file to LaTeX format is not as "tricky" as for HTML. You do not really have to check the LaTeX options every time, because no paths have to be "adjusted". You simply select "Export"/"LaTeX file", enter a file name (and choose a directory if necessary) and write the new LaTeX file.

However, if you dislike the default layout (10pt font size, tiny diagrams and output in two columns) you can always change it by evoking the options window "Export"/"Options".

The five LaTeX options are:

You can skip the next subsection if you are not interested in creating "ChessCards", but then read on at No files created?, please.

8.2 "ChessCards" files

Starting with version 2.0, ChessTask knows another output format called "ChessCards". The tasks are arranged in a 2x4 grid on each page and after each page with tasks the solutions follow immediately. So if you print them doublesided and cut out the single cards you can train your chess everywhere.

As you can see in the examples each card gets a small header with the "main title" of the ChessTask file and a running number. The titles of the single tasks are not displayed!

The format of the "ChessCards" is fixed and does not get affected by any of the LaTeX export options! It always uses the 10pt font, tiny diagrams and the 2x4 grid. Only the left and right margins are shifted a bit, changing from the "US letter" paper size to "ISO A4" or back.

There is not much space left on the front of the cards, so keep your tasks/questions tight. The answers can be a little bit longer...

Believe it or not, the "ChessCards" are exactly centered on the resulting PostScript page. The big problem is: ``How exact can your printer retract the paper?''

I tested the "ChessCards" feature on "ISO A4" paper with the following printers

which all gave satisfying results.

Lars Jensen was so kind as to check the margins for the "US letter" format and reported them to work properly. Thanks a lot Lars!

8.3 No files created?

If ChessTask did not create a file, the reasons are the same as for the HTML export:

  1. You aborted the export by cancelling the file dialog.
  2. The file could not be opened for writing, either because the disk is full or because you do not have the permissions to write to the specified directory.

Otherwise, you can now call LaTeX with your new input file. This requires that you have TeX/LaTeX properly installed, of course. Another prerequisite is that you also installed the LaTeX style file `skak.sty' and the fonts it needs, as described in the next section.

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