Examples for ChessTask output

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ChessTask can output either a LaTeX file or a collection of HTML files with the list of tasks in them. I created a small example file example.tsk in order to demonstrate what the different selections look like.

1 LaTeX output

While exporting your tasks you have several options...

1.1 LaTeX files

For LaTeX files you can choose between "twocolumn" or "onecolumn" output and between "small" or, for example, "normal" board diagrams.

Small diagrams, twocolumn (PDF)
Normal diagrams, onecolumn (PDF)

1.2 "ChessCards" files

With this feature you get a LaTeX input file where the tasks are arranged as cards in a grid of 2x4 on each page. After a page with tasks, the solutions follow immediately. So if you print the file double-sided you can cut out the single cards and continue your "training" in the bus, in the car, on the plane or wherever.

"ChessCards" example (PDF)

2 HTML output

Converting tasks to HTML, you have to decide if you want to output each task and solution to a single page. These pages are then linked so that you can move from one task to another. The second option would be to put all tasks onto one page. This is the perfect choice for easily printing the list of tasks from your HTML browser.

Starting with version 2.0, ChessTask uses a special TrueType font for the exported HTML pages. This is the default setting and you have to download and install the "DBChess" fonts in order to see symbols instead of mere letters in the next two examples. The

Get DBChess font
symbol in the lower right corner of each page reminds you about this fact.

2.1 With TrueType font (default)

Example for each task on a single page
Example for all tasks on one page

However, you can still choose to export HTML pages without the "DBChess" font...

2.2 Without TrueType font

Example for each task on a single page
Example for all tasks on one page

3 Informator symbols

Finally, you can take a look at the following "test" of the ``Informator'' symbols.

3.1 HTML with TrueType font

Please, remember to download and install the "DBChess" fonts if you have not already done so...

Informator symbols

3.2 PDF files

These files were generated with the help of LaTeX...

Informator symbols in 10pt (PDF)
Informator symbols in 12pt (PDF)

Send your questions, remarks, suggestions and criticism to Dirk Bächle.